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ETI Consultancy show the return on your training investment

The ETI philosophy

ETI’s approach is based on three tenents

1. A return on your investment

Organisations need to know what return they are getting on their investments. This is just as true for training as it is for plant and equipment. Return On Investment [ROI] can be measured in whatever way suits the organisation. The important thing is that there is some form of meaningful measure. Without it, decisions about continuing, repeating or abandoning are made without knowing if training truely works.

ETI Consultancy will apply some form of evaluation to all its interventions.

2. Improve performance

Performance improvement is essential to any organisation. As such, the intuitive logic is that training results in improved staff performance. In essence, the training happens first and the performance improvement follows.

At ETI we reverse this logic. We start with creating performance improvement. The learner develops the knowledge, skills and behaviours from having to create the performance improvement in their business.

All ETI training programmes are driven by learners undertaking performance improvement projects.

3. Learn by doing

ETI believes people learn best by doing. The 70:20:10 model holds that: 70% of knowledge comes through job-related experiences; 20% from interactions with others and 10% from formal training. That’s why our
programmes focus upon the work-based project.

We also use Action Learning as part of the delivery mechanism. This ensuring that learners not only engage with others, but ‘own’ the improvement they are introducing.


  • We specialise in junior management apprenticeships – that’s all we do, we are experts.
  • We tailor our training to your needs. All training providers say this, but we actually do it.
  • We genuinely care about your business success. We want you to go places and for us to develop a long term business relationship.

One size does not fit all. Whilst there is a generic ‘learner journey’ which maps the programme from start to finish, each learner has their own individual learning plan [ILP]. We work hard to understand your business, and use your employees on the programme to identify and drive forward performance improvement projects, whilst supporting them as individuals every step of the way.


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